Crossover Night 2016 – 2017: The Year of The Greater Life

“Let’s see if the devil is going to survive the disappointment this year!” 

A joyful shout of celebration followed the above-quoted statement made by Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa during the Crossover Night which was held on the 31ts of December 2016 at the UFIC Basilica in Chitungwiza, Zimbabwe.

It was a night of joyous celebration; praise and worship interwoven into a beautiful fabric that was offered to God as a thanksgiving offering for the year 2016 that was about to end and 2017 that was about to start. 

Filled to capacity, and with overflow tents that also had their own overflows, the atmosphere at the UFIC Basilica during the Crossover Night was indeed saturated with the undeniable and irresistible, glory of God. The joy and elation, expressed in the form of dance and song by the masses that were in attendance, was enough evidence to show the high level of pure love, affection and appreciation to God for what He had done in the previous year and what He was about to do in the new year for them. 

Whilst the audience was soaked in heartfelt worship, led by the UFIC Choir that capped the joyous and energy-filled musical session during which UFIC’s own musicians entertained and ministered to the audience, Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa with Prophetess Ruth Makandiwa joined masses in the service.  The audience’s response, actions and facial expressions sold out their eagerness and enthusiasm to hear what God was about to say through his servant, Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa.

After divulging the theme; The Year of Greater Life, to the tens of thousands of people that were in attendance and the hundreds of thousands that were watching via livestream from all the UFIC branches and on Christ TV a few moments before midnight, Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa,; using John 10 vs. 10 as theme scripture, explained to the congregation, as he was preparing them for the coming year,  how everything was going to change; putting strong emphasis on the fact that God was going to make his people live a higher and greater life. 

“This year you will receive help from the God that started this ministry!” vehemently declared Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa and in response, the audience reciprocated strongly and with loud voices “I receive!” – A sure sign that they believed and received the word of God that was delivered by Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa.

Giving reference to the theme scripture and other biblical citations, Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa explained to the congregation how God was going to give the members of UFIC the ability to listen and assimilate sermons right at the time they are preached. He also explained to the energetic congregation that in the year 2017, they were going to hear and see things that have never been heard before and also, he was going to lead and tell them days that they will have feasts; consistent to the mind-blowing vision and revelation that he got from God on how there are more feasts than fasts in the Bible.

The congregation, engaged in a time of sacrificing seeds according to the specific instructions given by Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa and after that, the audience also partook of the Holy Communion and the service ended with the people reading and praying according to the Life Lighter January 2017 edition.


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