The story of Dr. Juliet Banga Willet (32) is one that is seldom heard… it was in desperation that Zimbabwean born. Juliet Banga living in the United States of America decided to travel all the way from Texas to Harare and receive prayer from the man of God Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa.

She was experiencing severe, unbearable pain as a result of crippling endometriosis which resulted in 2 surgical operations. She also suffered from coronary heart disease complications, chronic neurological disorders, depression and many other agonizing ailments.

What started as minor joint pains turned into a life threatening condition. Every month she would spend not less than US$4 000 on medical bills alone. Dr. Willet a Physiotherapist by profession sought help from the best health institutions in United States where people with chronic and serious illness receive high-quality health care but no remedy was found for her.

As a result Dr. Willet was forced to resign from work in order to attend to her deteriorating health condition.

Ministering to Dr Willet on the 18th of May 2014 at the City Sports Centre in Harare, the servant of God Prophet Makandiwa looked at her and filled with compassion he declared “it is the will of God that you be healed. The pain that you have has got ears to hear and I speak as a servant of the most High God, a miracle is taking place.  Let the healing power of Jesus touch you now. The Lord is giving you a testimony!”


Instantly Dr Willet was healed and she exclaimed “the pain is gone, I don’t hurt anymore!”

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Yvonne Nota Healed of severe head and earaches

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after just one drop of oil in the ear! Yvonne Nota gave an outstanding testimony on My Testimony show that left many stunned and can only be attributed to the work of supernatural forces.

For many years she suffered from severe head and earaches whose causes medical practitioners had failed to diagnose.

After the anointing oil was distributed from the hand of Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa, Mrs. Nota and her husband decided to try it at home.

“We knelt at the altar with my family and we prayed; as instructed by the man of God, I relaxed then anointed myself,” she said

She recalls that she started feeling hot all over her body then she started vibrating and soon after that she felt something moving in her ear, it felt as though something was digging in her.

Her husband decided to put another drop of oil in her ear and to their surprise a big black spider dropped out of the ear.

Pastor Kufa the host of My Testimony in disbelief asked Dr. Muteweye a medical practitioner to explain how a spider could have taken an ear for a habitat for more than 10 years.

The doctor failed to give a medical explanation of the situation stating that the ear canal has a  diameter of only 7 millimeters and a length of 2 centimeters therefore it is inexplicable that a spider could have squeezed in such a small space and still survive.

The doctor went on to explain that a spider’s lifespan is not more than two years but this one had survived in the ear for more than 10 years.

Pastor Kufa then concluded that this was a clear case of witchcraft because all the facts that were being brought forward were difficult to explain.

The testimony also reveals the power in the anointing oil, that probed a spider that had lived in Mrs Nota’s ear for a decade to suddenly want to dig its way out.

Dr. Muteweye was stunned by the power contained in the anointing oil where he revealed that for medical practitioners to get a foreign body out of a persons’ ear, it took hydraulic pressure or forceps but in this case a tiny drop of anointing oil from the man of God was enough.

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Charles Edward Tembo Testimony

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For five years of his life, Charles Edward Tembo lived a biblical Job kind of life until God remembered him through Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa.

Tembo was infested with a strange illness which the medical fraternity failed to diagnose and traditional healers surrendered.

What had started off as tiny abscesses oozing pus in the armpit had become gruesome and itchy sores all over the body.

 “They were very itchy (sores). My wife had to scratch me with rough stones until I bled. It made me feel better for a little while and it would start again,” Tembo recalls.

Tembo also remembers the humiliation he went through during his illness where some traditional healers evicted him from their premises fearing infection.

Many of the so called prophets and traditional healers sought to dig deep into his pockets, charging exorbitant consultation fees and prescribed treatment which only worsened his situation.

“There were so many myths and false prophecies surrounding my infirmity, some said that I was being avenged for theft while some said that I had slept with another man’s wife. The general assumption in my community was that I had AIDS,” he said

Friends and relatives abandoned him save for his wife, Nelia Sinoya and his youngest brother Bruce Chidongo

In his ghastly state, his wife kept tending for him; continuing to share the same bed with him and also working for the family.

It was a trying time for her as it was difficult to care for her husband whose itch was triggered by both coolness and warmth.

“I had never seen or heard of such a disease on this planet. If I were an uncommitted wife, I would have left a long time ago but because I love him, I had to bear it all for him to live,” said his wife Nelia.

His life of pain and seclusion dragged on, having lost all hope of normalcy until his youngest brother asked him to accompany him to United Family International Church (UFIC) where he fellowships.

“I had heard of Prophet Makandiwa but I thought that his healing and deliverance services were for a charge but my brother convinced me that it was all for free and I then agreed to attend the service.”

He did not understand why thousands of people had gathered for just one man but when the man of God started preaching and explaining scripture, Tembo started appreciating the gift on Prophet Makandiwa that drew people of different ages and races to him.

For the first time, Tembo was touched by the word of God and he understood the sermon in a way he had never done before such that it uplifted his faith.

“When the Prophet Makandiwa finished his sermon he started praying for the sick and afflicted. I had never witnessed miracles of such magnitude before. The blind could see, the lame could walk and those with medical conditions that had been termed incurable were healed instantly,” Tembo said.

When his turn came for Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa to pray for him, Tembo was expectant believing that his situation was going to change.

“The Prophet held my hands and looked into my eyes. My mind started racing thinking that I was going to transmit the ailment to him but within a few seconds I started feeling giddy. It felt as though a magnetic force was sweeping through my body and I fell to the ground,” Tembo narrates

He vividly recalls how different he felt when he rose from the ground that day, strength in his limps had been renewed and the itch was gone.

“When I got home, I told my wife that I had been healed but she could not believe it because the sores where still there. I also remember that for the first time in five years, I slept peacefully that night,” he said

For two days the sores kept discharging fluids and after just one week all the sores had dried up!

“I could have died if it was not for the great Prophet of God. Prophet Makandiwa saved my life, he gave me nothing to drink or to apply on the sores but they just dried up after his prayer. Now my skin that was once appalling has been restored,” Tembo declares.

Tembo not only received healing for the skin disease that had shattered his life, he was also delivered from addictions that were secretly destroying his body.

“I was a chain smoker and an alcohol addict but from the day Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa prayed for me, I have not craved for these substances; neither can I stand their stench anymore,” said Tembo.

Tembo gave his life to Christ and he is now a full member of UFIC and an avid reader and lover of the word of God.

“Although the Prophet is young in age, he indeed is a great man of God with a gift from above. I have seen God doing mighty works through this man,” Tembo testifies.

Tembo also acknowledges that Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa has divine love that can only come from God.

“He (Prophet Makandiwa) does not mind what you look like; he will still touch you regardless of your sores. I had never seen anything like that, his love is too much. May God give Prophet Makandiwa a long life,” he adds.

Where doctors, traditional healers and prophets had failed, it took just one man with the divine power of God to transform a seemingly impossible situation.


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